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When I was a teenager I was trying to get rid of acne. I tried so many different products and some of them were even prescribed by doctor but nothing helped. At some point I just gave up because it didn't matter whether I used anything and cared about my skin or not.

Now I decided that I should give a go again and try to create a skin care routine which would help. Even if it wouldn't get rid of acne completely I hope at least to lessen it. And also I would love to learn how to do a make up because up to now all I was using were BB cream and powder.

As I've been so ignorant to this topic for so many years, going to shops and trying to choose anything is so overwhelming with such a huge variety of brands and different products within brands. So one of the ways I thought would be a good trying new products is Birchbox.

June one actually is the second box I received. I subscribed on 31st of May thinking that the first box which I'll receive will be June one. My mistake. So I received May and June boxes like a week apart and I trying them both at the same time.

Ok, so enough of my chit-chatting and let's check what's in June's box.

First of all, the box is really pretty and sturdy. There were 2 available designs and I received the one with pineapples and it's so nice and summery. I also like that I can open it like a draw. I am sure that I am going to keep small bits and bobs in it :) There were 5 different products in the box.

The first product I took out from the box is Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray. That's such a perfect timing because I just very recently finished my hairspray and needed to buy a new one. I love the packaging - simple and beautiful. I always use only strongest possible spray because my hair just don't keep any shape I put them in to the point that a few times I nearly ended up in tears when my hairstyle was gone before I even left home :( I tried this one only once yesterday and so far it looks good.


Next product in the box was Pure & Light Organic Essential Face Cream. Little information book in the box says that it should be really good for the skin as it is filled with vitamins, etc. and it can be used day and night. I tried it in the morning once and I'm not going to do it again. My skin felt so oily from the moment I applied it that I couldn't even make myself to put any make up on top of it. I cleansed my face and used my usual face cream. I might try it as a night cream but I don't like how it feels on my skin. Definitely not light as the brand name suggests it should be.


So another item is Huygens Le Gommage Visage face scrub. I gave up using face scrubs long ago because they always make my skin feel very dry and tight. I tried this one this morning and to my surprise I didn't gave me this unpleasant sensation. I'll be trying to use it once or twice a week and maybe it will help me reconsider using face scrubs again.


What I found next is Benefit They're Real! Tinted Primer for lashes. So this is actually the only brand in the box which I recognize and have tried before. But I can't comment much about the primer itself because I never used primer for my lashes and I don't really use mascara. I haven't tried it yet but I will definitely try it soon.


Last but not least is stila lip glaze. I'm not a big fan of lip glosses because they are usually sticky and I have my hair sticking all over my lips. Unfortunately this one is not an exception because it is really sticky. It also is very thick so it makes it harder to apply and it feels a bit heavy on lips. Some good things about it: it smells amazing and a shade is lovely. I don't think I'm going to use it much but it was interesting to try it.


Overall I am very happy with the box and its contents. I found a couple of products which I like, something I would probably wouldn't buy in the near future even to try (but I have a chance now).

If you want to have some fun trying new products, you can subscribe here and join me in this fun adventure :)


  1. Great post :) Your box looks great, I was just so let down with mine, I thought my contents were so crap in comparison to everyone elses!!x

  2. Thank you:) It’s only my second box so I don’t really know how it compares month to month. Don’t be to disappointed. I checked your previous boxes and I saw quite a few same products what I received in my 2 boxes so it is very likely that next month you might receive something you really like and everyone else will be saying that their boxes are crappy.

  3. Ahh you got the Benefit mascara! I wanted it so badly, and Dew the Hoola in the previous box. I love the pineapple design so was delighted when I got it hehe! X

  4. Well, I was checking some other bloggers reviews and noticed that different subscribers receive same products just on different months so there is a chance that still might get it.


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