iPhone Lenses

I've been taking quite a lot of pictures with my iPhone so I thought it would be nice to get some external lenses to give myself more variety of the pictures I can take.

I went on Amazon and chose one of the cheapest (paid £6.99) because I haven't tried them before and I had no clue how often I would use them. I received them couple days ago and of course I had to test them right away :)

The set includes 3 lenses: macro, wide angle and fish eye. It also has clip, lens covers and a bag to keep them all in.

First impressions before even taking any pictures:

  • It's beautiful red colour :) I love red so it's a plus.

  • Clip is kind of cushioned where it would touch the phone screen. It's very important to me as I was a bit worried to scratch it.

  • Everything packs very neatly in a little bag and it fits even in my smallest handbag. It means I can carry it with me all the time and I don't need to have a moment "Oh, I wish I had this lens with me".

  • It's quite tricky to attach wide angle lens to the clip. Wide angle lens is not a lens by itself but it needs to be attached to macro lens. I have some trouble as I unscrew macro lens from clip or wide angle lens from macro lens due to directions how they are screwed to each other. (That sounds so complicated. It probably would be easier to show than to explain)

I always wanted to have a macro lens for my camera (which (the lens) I still need to buy someday) so I was very excited to try it out first. It's harder then I expected. I need to get really really close to the object that it would get focused and sometimes it's just too small detail of an object than what I wanted to photograph.

But it is really handy when it comes to really tiny things like the flower below. The first picture is the closest I can get without any lens and the other 2 were taken using macro lens so even if it is not perfect I'm sure that I will use it and I just need to get use to it.

Next I decided to compare how it what's the difference between taking photo without any lens, with wide angle lens and fish eye lens. I tested them by taking pictures of my housemate's tomatoes :)

Wide angle lens - it is able to fit wider area in the picture.

Fish eye lens - I thought that this lens would be the least used out of 3 but I really like the effect it gives. The main thing I did not like was that I can see edges of the lens itself in the photos.

Oh, and it also works on FaceTime camera too. First picture is without a lens and the second one with fish eye lens.

Final conclusions:
  • Small and convenient to carry with me all the time.
  • Easy to use (except wide angle lens)
  • The edges of the photos are a bit distorted.
  • I might invest in better quality lenses if I find that I use them a lot.
I hope you find this post useful. If you have any advice or tricks how to use such lenses, please share them in the comments.