New Beginning


This year I am doing a lot of thinking and re-thinking about how I live, what I do for living and if I am truly happy. 

Fortunately I admitted to myself that I do not enjoy my life the way I wish I did. I say fortunately because that means I don't need to continue it but I can change things. 

The reason I started this blog because I would like to share my adventure through these changes and maybe even encourage at least one person to do the same and become happier. 

In past few years I was trying to persuade myself that I like my job and I want to climb the career ladders. That's a total bullshit. I don't like it. It's stressful, exhausting and leaving me with no energy for the things I would rather do. I became a workaholic who works overtime nearly every day. I stopped reading books,   stopped skating, reduced my travels, reduced crafting and I just felt that bringing a camera with me was just to bothersome. 

It's time to change it 😊 I haven't quit my job but I am going to put more effort in finding at least tiny adventures every week. Adventures for me are travels, trying new things or even going on the adventure hidden between the pages of the book.

And what is the better time to have a new beginning than on birthday 😊

Any suggestions what to read, where to go, what to try new will be very welcome 😊