Sky Garden

A few weeks ago I decided to go and see Sky Garden. I booked my ticket (it's free!!!), printed it out and kept checking weather forecast for a good weather. On Thursday I woke up to a gloomy but not a rainy day. That's really good as it was quite rainy before. I got ready and headed of to the station. I was nearly there when I realized that I forgot my wallet at home :( I could survive without it but on a ticket it's written that I will have to show an ID which I didn't have. So I rushed home to pick up my wallet and then rushed back to the station because I was getting worried I'm going to be late (tickets have an entry time). So I got on the train,went to Hammersmith where I was supposed to change for District line and what do I hear - there are severe delays on the line and the next train is coming in 12min :( I got back on Piccadilly line hoping that I could change for Circle or District line in South Kensington. No luck with that. Circle line closed and what a surprise - Monument station (the one I needed to reach) is also closed. That's what happens when there's lot of rain in London. I was so sure that I'm going to be late but even with all my travel luck I still managed to arrive to Sky Garden just in time :)

Ok, enough of my babbling and let's get to Sky Garden adventure.

Once I walked in in the building I had to spend a few minutes in the queue to get my ticket checked then go through airport kind of security and then a lift journey to 35th floor. What amazing views!

It was cloudy so I couldn't see very far away. A bit of west side with London Eye and the parks.


Usually Canary Wharf can be easily seen from a lot of high places in London but not in this kind of weather.




Tower Bridge.


The Garden looks amazing. It's like a conservatory on 35th floor. It's so nice and cozy. It wasn't to crowded but I guess it's because I arrived very early. I was a bit disappointed that terrace was closed because of the weather but I still enjoyed the view inside and outside.



There are 3 places within Sky Garden to eat and drink. I picked Darwin Brasserie because it looked the coziest, not crowded and affordable. I got a very delicious lemon cupcake. And I just loved these beautiful orchid compositions on the tables. Isn't it adorable?

Have you ever been to Sky Garden? If not, add it to your bucket list - it's really worth a visit :)

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Have an amazing next week!