Ticking Things Off The List

Have you ever did something or visited somewhere just for the sake of getting it out the list "Must Do in this Lifetime"? Yep, been here, done that.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I've been changing some things in my life and one of them is to get rid of the list mentioned above and live by the list "Happy and Excited to Do in this Lifetime". So my goal is to do less things and visit fewer places which I am not really interested and which I'm going to do just for the sake of doing.

When I moved to London I felt like there were some things to do or places to visit just because everyone else was doing it. Why? Why was I wasting my time instead of doing something I truly enjoy.

Change of guards at Buckingham Palace. Honestly I did a lot touristic things when I first moved to London. I just had to see everything :) I was never that much interested in going and seeing the change of guards but how can I not do it when I live in this city. So I went one day and I didn't like it. Huge crowd and you can't actually see anything. Well, it's out of the list.

Stonehenge. This was definitely on my must see list. Ever seen photos like this one?
Picture 003_

Looks like photo is just taken from close and everything around is only an empty field. Wrong. Maybe not the best example as I took this photo 3 years ago and my photography skills improved but I had quite a few things (ropes and other people) to Photoshop out to have a picture like this. I'm sure now I could manage to wait for a right moment and choose a right angle.

So a bit of the reality can be visible in the next picture. Stonehenge is surrounded with ropes and all the tourists just go in one big circle around it, you have to queue to take a photo with as little people around you as possible. Oh, and a ticket costs £15.50.

I don't regret doing it as I still had a great day. I actually found a really good one day tour deal to Stonehenge and Bath. And I loved Bath a lot.

Picture 009_

Tate Modern. I love museums. Really :) I even have V&A membership. But I am really not interested in modern art. I so much more prefer traditional art. In the end I just went there for the sake of going. Probably the only thing I really liked was their book shop which has an amazing selection of art books but the museum itself is just not my thing.

Cycling. I don't like cycling. Never really did. I feel terrified and completely out of control on the bike. I even try to stay away from people on bikes in general (imagine how scary experiences I had in Cambridge and Amsterdam - bikes everywhere). When I moved to London it seemed like everyone is cycling and there are these so easy to rent bikes so I decided to give it a go. I got one of Barclays bikes (I think they are Santander now). So the maximum what I managed before I swore that I'm not doing it ever again was from Speakers Corner to Albert Gate in Hyde Park. I'd better stick with my skates.

Piccadilly Circus. To crowed and honestly I didn't find anything special about it. If I can avoid it, I always do.

So these are 5 things that are simply out of the Must Do list. I'm not saying that they are not worth doing, they are just not my cup of tea. But I do not regret doing them because I believe that any experience brings something valuable to life and makes us who we are. I think that not doing something is worse than doing when there is an opportunity (this doesn't apply for anything illegal or immoral).

Have you ever done something or went somewhere just for the sake of doing or going? Please share in the comments. I am really interested to see what experiences you have :)

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  1. I definitely wanted to do Stonehenge but then realised if you drive down some of the roads near it, you pretty much get a similar view!!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. That is so true!
    Thank you for visiting my blog :)


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