Trip to Brighton

This week I went for an overnight stay in Brighton. I was really worried that it's going to be raining as the weather wasn't that good before my trip. Luckily there was no rain and it was quite nice. Another thing is that I was supposed to go with my housemate but as she got sick I ended up going alone. Not the first time traveling alone so I still managed to have a great time.

I stayed in Hilton and I had an amazing view from my room and a lovely birthday treat.

View from my hotel room and birthday treat (Hilton Brighton Metropole, Brighton, UK)

I've been to Brighton in October last year. It was very gloomy, rainy day just like my mood back then. I didn't really like Brighton except Royal Pavilion during last visit. So this trip was kind of giving the second chance to this lovely seaside city.

I didn't go inside the palace this time because I didn't want to waste a nice weather and I've seen inside the last time I was here. It is something really impressive. The outside looks very much India inspired but the inside is China. There are dragons everywhere and it's so pretty. Really worth a visit.

Royal Pavilion (Brighton, UK)

The rest of the day I spent walking along the beach, browsing the lovely shops and enjoying the weather. I wanted to go on the rides on Brighton Pier but they were closing in about hour's time so I left it for next day but instead I went on bungy trampoline next to the pier. It was so much fun and such an amazing experience! I would definitely would do it again :)

Warning! Never eat ice cream on an empty and peacefully quite beach. You are risking your ice cream to be snatched by seagulls. That's what happened to me :(

Brighton Bandstand (Brighton, UK)

Not really a fan of pebble beaches but it looked pretty :)

Brighton Beach (Brighton, UK)

On my second day I spent most of my morning and early afternoon enjoying the rides on Brighton Pier. I had a very long internal debate should I go or not because I was alone and I thought that maybe I am too old for that. In the end I decided that I don't care what others would think and I had a fantastic time. I went on all the scariest (in my opinion) rides on the Pier. I tried my luck to win a toy from one of these claw machines but no luck. Well, in the end it was something new to try and fun :)
After the rides I treated myself to some fresh seafood for lunch and tried an oyster for the first time.

Brighton Pier and lunch (Brighton, UK)

I had a really great time :) I did a few things which I haven't done before and I couldn't get my smile away even when I was back to London.

Looking forward to get on another fabulous adventure soon :)

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