8 Super Simple Crepe Fillings Ideas

I love crepes and making them with a lot of different fillings. I haven't made them for a long time and because I really missed them I decided to make loads and share some ideas with you :)

I usually cook without any real measurements so it's more ideas than recipes. I like to cook this way - a little bit of this, a spoonful of that and lots of this.

So first things first - I made a big pile of crepes.


Then I prepared some fillings which needed extra preparation before I could put them in crepes. Let's get right into each filling :)


I love cheese and it's so simple to make crepes with it. I like using mozzarella but any cheese which melts well would work. You can cut or grate cheese. I do both ways. This time I used grated one because I was planning to add it to my other fillings.

My favourite way to fold crepe with cheese is:
  1. spread cheese in the middle of crepe as a narrow line. Don't fill from one edge to another - leave some space.
  2. fold edges.
  3. roll crepe.
It's simple and by folding edges before rolling it you can prevent cheese running all over the plate once it's melted.


Next filling requires a bit of preparation. Fry some ground meat on a little bit of oil. I like using pork or pork and beef. I find beef only a bit to dry but if you like it, feel free to use any kind of meat you like. One of the best things I like about crepes is that there is so much space for your imagination.

So I fried meat until nice and brown and added some pork seasoning which is a mix of various herbs.

Once the filling is ready I put some of it in the middle of crepe and folded like in pictures below.

Meat & Cheese

To make meat and cheese filling I simply added grated cheese in fried meat. I fold crepe exactly same way as meat only one.


I like mushrooms so I make some fillings with mushrooms too.

To make it it's really easy. I chop some mushrooms and fry them on some oil. Before finishing frying I add some salt and pepper. Simple as that.

And I fold crepes with mushrooms same way as the ones with meat. Not much imagination on that :D

Mushrooms & Cheese

So the last savory filling is mushrooms mixed with some grated cheese. Yes, I love cheese in my crepes and I put it everywhere I can :)

I guess you already figured it out but to make this filling all I do is just mix some grated cheese with fried mushrooms. And once again folding is the same as meat and mushrooms only ones.


Something sweet and simple. Spread some Nutella on crepe and roll it.

If you are planning to heat it up, you can fold and roll same way I did a cheese crepe.


Another simple one. Slice banana in half, place it in the middle of crepe and roll it. Done :)


Banana & Nutella

You probably already noticed that I like mixing things so last but not least is banana and Nutella filled crepe. Simply spread Nutella on crepe, place half of banana in the middle, roll it.


Bon apetite!


  1. Use milk but not water for crepes batter. They will be softer.
  2. Make all crepes first. Once they cool down, they also soften up and are easier to fold and roll.
  3. To reheat crepes fry them on a bit of oil in the pan or use microwave.
  4. If you decide to use microwave, don't overheat them. Crepes can get very hard if overheated. I usually try to do no more than 30s per crepe.
  5. I noticed that crepes with savory fillings can stay in the fridge longer than with sweet fillings. So if you made crepes with sweet filling, eat the same day or no later than next day.
  6. I like eating all my crepes with sour cream (except Nutella filled). I mix some sugar if I use it with sweet crepes.
  7. For savory crepes I also like to make a simple sauce. Mix equal parts of mayo, ketchup and mustard.
Do you make crepes? What's you favourite filling? Would you like to see more cooking posts?

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  1. I just started making crepes and I'm always looking for new ways to fill them! Thank you!!!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope that some of my ideas are useful for you :)

  3. the banana and nutella crepe looks delish!

  4. Thank you :) It is delicious and perfect for someone with a sweet tooth :)

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