BFG Dream Jars Trail


Do you like to take a map and go around a city or any other place looking for certain objects? I love doing that! It's so much fun to wander around the city and once I found what I was looking for to tick it off my list. Two years ago I did Paddington Bear trail and I found every single of them :) When earlier this year I saw that there's going to be a new trail I had no doubts that I'm going to do it.

This time it's BFG Dream Jars trail. So last week I printed my map and list and started looking for lovely jars :) So far I have 8 and there are 38 more in London. I can't wait to find the rest and  I have time until the end of summer.

If you want to join me in this fun adventure, you can find a map and list of jars here and trail will be available until 31st of August.

I know that the trail is a promotion of the new movie but this post is not sponsored, I simply really enjoy doing such trails :)


  1. Such a beautiful idea! A little bit more magical than searching for pokemon too haha! Best of luck with finding them all!

  2. Thank you for the comment! Oh, it's so much more fun than the pokemon craze. To be honest, I tried it just to see what's so special about it and it lasted on my phone for 2 days before I deleted it - not my thing at all.


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