Day in Windsor


Last week I went to Windsor. I've been here before but I last time I just walked around exploring the area. This time I went with very specific plans in mind: to visit Windsor Castle and to reach the Copper Horse statue at the end of the Long Walk.

I took a train to Windsor. I love travelling by trains and United Kingdom is just perfect for it :) First thing I did was to visit the Castle. After waiting in a long queue reminder to myself - next time get a ticket online in advance.

The Castle was very beautiful and I was really impressed with The Doll House. Really worth queuing! I love castles and history so I enjoyed this visit a lot :)

After visiting the castle I went for lunch and a little wandering around Windsor.

And finally I headed towards my last destination that day - The Copper Horse statue. No wonder that the road through Windsor Great Park is called Long Walk - it really is. So with a bit of distractions (I had to stop and take pictures on the way) my walk both ways was almost 8km and 2h. I love walking and the park is so nice that it was a real pleasure. And even a bit of rain didn't ruin my mood :)


And I got some new bookmarks for my collection.

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