The Man Who Risked It All by Laurent Gounelle

A few months ago my sister recommended me a book The Man Who Risked It All by Laurent Gounelle. I got a book on my Kindle really quickly after our conversation about it. I was reading it since then and finished just this month.

I really like the story, unexpected elements and lessons it teaches. In my opinion it's not a light summer read to bring on the beach. Even if it's a novel and really interesting one but what is between the lines requires some thinking through.

While reading it's so easy to put myself in the situations which Alan (the main character) went through. What would I do? What do I actually do in similar situations? Why?

It's amazing how much people are really capable of. Sometimes all we need is just a good push out of our comfort zones and putting us in situations where there are only two choices - sink or swim.

The Man Who Risked It All is going to be a book which I would recommend to anyone and I'll be re-reading in the future.

Have you read this book? What did you think?


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