My Little Bookmarks Collection


The other day I was sorting out my bookmarks collection and I thought I will share it with you. I have a feeling that I will be referring to it a lot in the future whenever my posts will be about travelling. Like I did in my post about Windsor.

This collection started bit by bit out of my love for reading. I think the first bookmark in my collection was this one. It was a Christmas gift from my parents and it was more than 10 years ago (wow! time flies).


I have some handmade bookmarks. I made some myself, some are gifts and some I bought on Etsy or craft markets.

People who know me quite well brought me some bookmarks from their travels.

Some bookmarks I bought while travelling myself. I'm not really happy with bookmarks selection in UK. Most of them are dark leather with pressed in design - impossible to take photos :(

And some random bookmarks. Some are gifts from my family and friends, some are souvenirs from people who wanted to share something small from their own country, some promotional bookmarks and some random bookmarks which I bought simply because I liked them :)

The variety of all of them is quite big: metal, wood, fabric, paper, clay, magnet, leather, etc. I love every single of them and I could tell stories about most them. It might be a place I visited, it might be people I met, it might be an experience, it might be a book I read.

Do you collect anything? I would love to see your collection :)