Planning a Trip - Bucket List

Next month I'm going to Seoul, South Korea. I can't wait for this trip and at the moment I am doing some research and planning.  I will be there for 4 full days and one evening. I don't want to rush around and make myself stressed on this trip so even if I am making plans they are very flexible.

And I made a little bucket list of what I want to see and to do.
  • Visit Changdeokgung palace
  • Visit N Seoul Tower
  • Go to see Cheong-gye-cheon
  • Go to see Seoul City Hall
  • Go to see Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain
  • Wander around Myeong-dong
  • Wander around Hongdae
  • Wander around Gangnam
  • Buy some cute stationary
  • Try different local foods (no McDonalds!!!)
  • Do some craft shopping
  • Find and try different fancy ice cream
  • Visit cat cafe
  • Try speaking Korean (even if it is just ordering food or saying thank you)
  • Have at least 10 photos of myself (I travel alone and usually have none)
  • Visit BIGBANG A to Z exhibition (got ticket already :) )
Have you been to Seoul? Do you have any suggestions what I could add on this list?

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