I Need to Change My Eating Habits

This evening I was planning what I'm going to do tomorrow and one of the things was grocery shopping. It made me think what I was eating recently because I didn't really cook anything. So I made a list and was horrified. McDonalds, microwaveable meals, sandwiches, crisps, biscuits (and not just snacks but as breakfast or even dinner).


I really need to start cooking again and eating healthier. So I spent some time today on Pinterest looking for simple, quick to cook and much healthier meals than what I was eating recently.

A plan for coming week is broccoli soup, creamy chicken and mushrooms soup, chicken breasts with mushroom cream sauce and egg fried rice. It might look little but as I cook just for myself, I usually make one meal as 2 or 3 portions and I get lunch at work.

By the way whenever I learn a new recipe I usually tweak it to my liking. As I am planning to cook more, I will be sharing some of the recipes like I did about crepes. If it's something you would be interested, please like this post and leave a comment below what kind of recipes you are interested in the most.